Understanding Media Psychology

Understanding Media Psychology

by Gayle S. Stever, David C. Giles, J. David Cohen, and Mary E. Myers

Understanding Media Psychology is the perfect introductory textbook to the growing field of media psychology and its importance in society, summarizing key concepts and theories to provide an overview of topics in the field.

Media is present in almost every area of life today, and is an area of study that will only increase in importance as the world becomes ever more interconnected. Written by a team of expert authors, this book will help readers to understand the structures, influences and theories around media psychology. Covering core areas such as positive media psychology, the effects of gaming, violence, advertising and pornography, the authors critically engage with contemporary discussions around propaganda, fake news, deep fakes, and the ways media have informed the COVID-19 pandemic. Particular care is also given to addressing the interaction between issues of social justice and the media, as well as the effects media has on both the members of marginalized groups and the way those groups are perceived. A final chapter addresses the nature of the field moving forward, and how will continue to interact with closely related areas of study.

Containing a range of pedagogical features are present throughout to aid teaching and student learning, including vocabulary and key terms, discussion questions, and boxed examples, this is an essential resource for media psychology courses at undergraduate and introductory master’s level globally.


Table of Contents



1. Media and Media Psychology by Gayle S. Stever

2. Key Theories and Concepts from Media Psychology by Gayle S. Stever

3. Research Methods by Gayle S. Stever

4. Positive Psychology, Moral Reasoning, and Prosocial Behavior by Gayle S. Stever

5. Social Justice and the Media: Gender, Class, and Disability by Gayle S. Stever

6. Social Justice and the Media: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion by Gayle S. Stever

7. Aliens Eating Reese’s: Media Influence & Advertising by J. David Cohen

8. Propaganda, Fake News, and Deep Faking by Mary E. Myers

9. Processes of Audience Involvement by Gayle S. Stever

10. Dark Media: Violence, Pornography, and Addiction by J. David Cohen

11. Join the Adventure: The Psychology of Gaming by J. David Cohen

12. The Social Nature of Media by Gayle S. Stever

13. The Turbulent 20s: Covid-19 and the Media by Gayle S. Stever and J. David Cohen

14. The Future of Media by David C. Giles