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Chapter: Real Characters – The psychology of parasocial relationships with media characters

Book chapter

edited by Karen E. Shackleford PhD, published January 4, 2021

Gayle S. Stever: How Do Parasocial Relationships with Celebrities Contribute to Our Development Across the Lifespan?

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Chapter: Social Media and Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development

Book chapter

by Lorraine Lander and Gayle S. Stever, September 2017

Handbook of Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development

The United Nations’ sustainable development goals cover a broad range of global problems and reaching those goals will require effort and education. Lifelong learning has become an essential part of modern life with rapidly changing technology, globalization, and increased urbanization, as well as environmental changes and the rise of green careers. Given the importance of sustainable development and global changes, it is important to identify effective ways of educating toward the UN’s goals...

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