Media Psychology

1. The student will read the following book:

Stever, G., Giles, D.C., Cohen, J.D., & Myers, M.E. (2022). Understanding media psychology. London: Routledge.

Online resources: These are various web sites that describe the study of media psychology, discuss careers in media psychology, or recommend graduate schools for the study of media psychology

This video gives an interesting international perspective:

An additional (optional) article if you can reach it (behind a paywall):
How the Internet’s Blind Devotion to Johnny Depp Has Turned Amber Heard Into a Villain by Clare Considine

2. Each chapter will include the following activities:

a. For each chapter in this book, you will write a reaction paper of at least 1250 words (more is permitted) that will cover:

  • What are the main ideas presented in this chapter?
  • Are there key theorists and/or theories discussed?
  • What key vocabulary words are there that were new to you or seemed fundamental to the chapter topic? (Those may be presented in a list).
  • What questions did you have when you finished reading this chapter?
  • What personal reflections might you have that come to mind as you read?
  • What further reading might you do to answer those questions?

This reaction paper will be turned in EACH Friday, one chapter per week beginning the first week of class. If you do not have at least six of these papers turned in by midterm, you will be dropped from the course. There are fourteen chapters, so you will do one per week.

Each chapter has a short list of questions, at the end of the chapter in most cases. Written answers to those questions should be included in your chapter summary.

b.  Write a research paper (8-10 pages) on a topic related to one of the book chapters. References should be within the last eight years and at least five research-based studies should be included in the paper. Paper is due to the instructor by the last day of the term. Reading list for the paper (bibliography) is due to the instructor by midterm.

c.  I will hold several face-to-face meetings over TEAMS during the term at various times of the day. We will communicate early in the term to find out which times work for each of you. Try to attend at least two of them (more if you’d like) in order to discuss the book readings with other students in the class.

3. This video supports your reading for chapters 5 and 6: