Conference Paper: Theorizing development of parasocial experiences.

Conference Paper

by Riva Tukachinsky, Gayle S. Stever, May 2018

International Communication Association

The manuscript proposes an overarching theoretical model of parasocial experiences including parasocial interactions (PSIs), relationships (PSRs) and attachment (PSA). Building on Knapp’s model of relationship development, the model describes stages of media consumers’ development of PSRs with media figures from initiation (i.e., first encounter with the media persona) to integration (development of secondary attachment). Through synthesis of research across disciplines, the model conceptualizes the relational goals at each stage of the PSR, identifies variables that predict engagement at this level, and describes this stage’s outcomes/effects. PSIs specific to the PSR at each stage are discussed. The integrated model offers a novel understanding of how PSRs operate and indicates directions worthy of empirical examination in future research.